“We can’t say enough about Emily’s Toys 4 Joy…their passion, drive and outreach in so amazing The Banner Health Foundation and Banner Children’s has had the pleasure of working with Emily and the entire Fawcett family through Emily’s Toys for Joy over the past several years.  As community activists and donors, the Fawcett Family not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. As an organization they live by the mantra “it’s all about the kids”. Through Emily’s own personal story as a pediatric patient, the organization focuses on educating the public about what a toy can do for a child in the hospital; we learn that a toy can be healing on an emotional and physical level. One of the most admirable things about this Foundation’s efforts is that they give to an array of different hospitals and they are not just selective of one. In doing this their impact is felt Valley wide. So when you give through Emily’s Toys for Joy, you give to all kids at many different hospitals across the Valley.”

Dana Schiemann
Development Manager, Pediatrics
Banner Health Foundation

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital is so excited to once again be a recipient of Emily’s Toys 4 Joy.  We depend on community donations to help get toys to the playrooms and many clinics here.  We use the toys to celebrate birthdays, end of chemo celebrations,  or incentives to get through a tough procedure . I cannot being to tell you how many smiles Emily’s Toys for Joy brings to many faces here at PCH- thank you for your donation- it means so much to these little ones!”

Elizabeth Rosebrugh, M Ed, CCLS
Manager, Child Life
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“Mayo Clinic in Arizona is so excited to be a part of Emily’s Toys 4 Joy this year!  With a new up and coming program working with children coming for Radiation Therapy, I was thrilled when I got the call that Emily’s Toys 4 Joy would be able to provide wonderful distraction and comfort items to our pediatric patients.  With the support of Emily and her family, the entire team in Radiation Oncology will be able to bring joy and happiness to all children we serve during their radiation journey.  I am so grateful for the community partners that help Emily’s Toys 4 Joy succeed every year.  With all your support we are able to provide fun to the children in our community that have to endure so many things at such a young age.  Child Life and the Mayo Team want to say, “Thank You” to all that you do to help make these children’s medical journeys a little less scary!”

Krystal Lamb, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist
Mayo Clinic

“Well, not sure where to begin or even how to thank Emily, Kelli and the whole Fawcett family for the incredible work they continue to do for hospitalized children. Banner Thunderbird has 7 toy closets to keep stocked for the pediatric patient’s to choose a special toy after a painful or invasive procedure. It would be absolutely impossible to keep stocked if it was not for ET4J. It is such a gift to our patients and families to receive a toy while they are here at Thunderbird. It seems like such a small thing, but for any child to be able to pick out a toy while in the hospital is truly the GREATEST gift ever! We are so thankful and grateful for ET4J!”

Wendy Pauker
Sr. Manager, Child Life
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

“On behalf of the Child Life Department at HonorHealth I would like to thank each and every person that makes Emily’s Toys 4 Joy possible as without your generosity we would be unable to offer children surprises for their bravery. Play is a child’s “job” and as we all know, it is often difficult to do your job when you are short on supplies. Your toy donations bring smile after smile to the faces of hospitalized children and we look forward to this annual toy drive to help stock our toy closets In order to meet the needs of all the children that come through our doors. As a non profit organization, we rely 100% on community donations. It is thanks to the generosity of community members that we are able to offer children and families playrooms with toys and activities to do while they wait for procedures. Thank you for your kindness, it truly does make a difference one child at a time.”

Shannon Hickson
Manager of ChildLife / Development and Pediatrics / NICU

       “I’m the child life coordinator at Arizona Children’s Center at Maricopa Medical center.  I have been a child life specialist for 13 years and can attest to the importance a toy has to a hospitalized child. The hospital is not a place that anyone chooses to spend time in.  It is full of big and sometimes scary machines, strangely dressed professionals, not so great smells, and tests and procedures that are often invasive and painful. When you bring toys into a hospital environment, it is magical!  Suddenly, the child’s memory of the painful IV start is replaced by the cool toy they just received.  Their free time is spent in a hospital playroom full of toys and activities to do.  If they are unable to leave their room, toys are provided at bedside for them.   They are playing, exploring and meeting new friends.  They are being kids and doing what kids do best – play! Our child life department values play for so many reasons and views it as a healing modality.  It is because of this that we are thrilled to be a part of Emily’s Toys 4 Joy!  Our department has a limited budget for toys.   We are so grateful for the generosity of those in the community that support Emily’s Toys 4 Joy that, in turn,  enables us to provide bubbles, games, Barbie Dolls, cars, arts, crafts, and so much more to our patients. Thank you!”

Kyla Mohney
Child Life Coordinator
Arizona Children’s Center at Maricopa Medical Center